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        Busy Bee Newsletter

6 Things Home Owners Want  ~

1. Energy Efficiency: Most homeowners rank it as most important, utility costs are rising, and Americansspending on electricity has surged 56 percent since 2000. More home owners are seeking ways to lower their utility costs Energy use monitors, smart home thermostats, high-efficiency appliances, and greater smart-home technology may pave the way for change in this area.

2. Renovation-ready: More, and more households say that their homes require repairs. The recession caused many home owners to delay major projects. The top five major home-improvement jobs identified  among households are painting, replacing carpets/ flooring, remodeling a bathroom, remodeling a kitchen, and replacing windows and doors.

3. Updated Kitchens and finishes: Many households say their kitchens could use an upgrade, and an updated kitchen would require modern appliances and fixtures as important, a small percentage are satisfied with their current homes kitchen.

4. Accessibility: Americans have more needs for accessibilty features in their homes that will allow them to age in place. Seventy six percent of Americans surveyed believe a home they can stay in as they get older is important, but only fifty three percent think their home meets that criteria. Baby boomers are increasingly interested in single-story homes, but they aren't necessarily interested in slimming down on the home's square footage. 

5. Privacy: More households desire privacy from thier neighbors.

6. Greater storage: Nearly half the people I have spoken with shared they are planning to move and say they want more space than they have in their current home. A home with ample storage space is an important feature households identified, and it's one of the key reasons they want to renovate.

Are you, or someone you know thinking of Buying, or Selling, Investing in Real Estate?

~ Oh, by the way I am always here for your referrals ~

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